June 6, 2023

If you create content on TikTok you will already know what to appear in the section For you is key to growth. That is why many users are obsessed with finding out how the recommendation algorithm works and thus being able to build success formulas that allow them to create viral videos. Something that is not easy, not even now that TikTok explained how they select the videos that they recommend.

TikTok and its personalized recommendations

Appear in the section For you It has been the great objective of many TikTokers for a long time. Because achieving it meant having a good chance of succeeding on the platform. And of course, that later translated into more followers, visualizations and being able to get that Influencer title that many persecute.

This is how TikTok recommends what videos you should watch

With many nuances involved and a more complex process than the one we are going to tell you about below, because there are many variables to consider, roughly speaking, it could be said that This is the way in which TikTok selects the videos that it will show you in the For you section.


When a new video is uploaded to the platform, TikTok’s recommendation algorithm selects it and First, it shows it to a very small group of users.. These may or may not follow the creator, but they are the first step in a process that will then be repeated or not depending on their first reactions.

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That is, that first group receives the content and if the reactions and interactions are favourable, for example, marking it as a favorite, giving it a share, etc., TikTok considers that it has been liked and will show it again, but this time to a larger group. . And so again and again and again until it stops generating interest among the users to whom it is shown.

Therefore, that is the basis of how the list of videos that you see appearing in the For you section is being prepared. And also him reason why from time to time a video appears with hardly any views, there you are one of those first users on whom the future of said content will depend.

Therefore, the basis of success of any TikTok video could be summed up in this:

  • Have a good initial acceptance among those users to whom your video is shown
  • Get likes, watch the video in full, share and follow you
  • Take advantage of labels, songs and topics of the moment
  • To a lesser extent, being in the same country as the users you want to reach and the language
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All these are things that were more or less intuited, but now that we really know how it is growing and showing itself to more and more users, these are aspects that should be worked on more consciously if you want to be someone within the network. Although the best thing will always be to enjoy what you do.

Also, if you are already a user with a certain weight, it is true that it will be much easier for you to place your videos among the most viewed, even if they are not as fresh or fun as they were at the beginning. But do not get confused, because it can take its toll.

Why TikTok “reveals” its secret formula

If you wonder why TikTok has almost revealed its secret formula, although all it really did is give a general explanation of a much more complex process and where millions of additional pieces of information have to be considered, The answer lies in the accusations that he has received lately.

From various sectors, especially from US users and legislators, the company has received complaints showing concern regarding security and the content displayed on the platform. Because, as has happened with YouTube and other platforms, these algorithms can be a big problem by creating echo chambers for users with related themes that empower and amplify their speech.

And sometimes these are not bad, because they deal with topics as varied as humor, decoration or any other. But imagine that weight is given to other more dangerous ones such as racism, conspiracy theories, etc. Well, with this TikTok publication that belongs to ByteDance, one of the Chinese technology giants, wants to be a little more transparent and avoid suspicion regarding its actions.

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