June 8, 2023

There are social networks that are more permissive than others, but all without exception have a list of standards that we must comply if we want to continue being part of that community. In its beginnings, TikTok was not exactly severe when it came to applying its rules. This was changing little by little, and, as usually happens in other networks, users who do not comply with their regulations are exposed to TikTok deleting their publications without prior notice or even having a profile suspended in more extreme cases. On the other hand, this measure is not always absolutely accurate, since most social networks are largely moderated automatically, through bots, artificial intelligence and algorithms that eliminate accounts and content based on user reports. Has your TikTok account been closed and you think you haven’t done anything illegal? If you believe that you have been the victim of a mistake, or that users have even colluded against you to delete your account, here we will show you everything you must do so that you can recover your banned TikTok account.


Can they block your account?

The answer is a resounding yes and, furthermore, We recommend you read in depth everything that we indicate below because if you get banned from the social network and you hold everything you keep in your profile in high esteem, you could spend some time not only without activity, but with the fear in your body of having lost forever everything you’ve done in recent years. And that’s a bad feeling.

Remember that many times the things that we believe are correct do not fit with those that the social network really marks as allowed, so It is a good moment to sit down and read all those limitations that you must internalize. Yeah, yeah, we know that many of them are common sense and that no one would think of doing something like that, but we have all read headlines in online media where real brainless people believe they are going one step further than others in pursuit of a few viewers more, they end up like the Rosario de la Aurora and expelled from the social network. So aim.

What is forbidden to post on TikTok?

Before seeing how the request to return an account is managed, it is worth reviewing some basic rules that you must be clear about.

As we indicated at the beginning of this text, at Output we have another dedicated article in which we stop point by point at all those publications that are prohibited on the social network, but we are going to review here the most outstanding and important points (with the occasional example) so that you get a better idea of ​​what what is good and what is not when uploading content to TikTok -many are quite obvious but others may never have crossed your mind.


Some of the company’s publications that are susceptible to being persecuted by the social network team we found:

  • Graphic and violent content: incite violence either against people or against animals.
  • Illegal activities: such as, for example, the sale of drugs or fake items that fall into a scam.
  • Membership of a dangerous organization: content that supports hate groups, extremist organizations, etc.
  • Suicide or self-harm: You can’t display or encourage images of people harming (or killing) themselves on your account.
  • Bullying and harassment: For example, putting down or making fun of other people because of their physical appearance.
  • Hate speech: encourage rejection of vulnerable groups because of their race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Explicit adult sexual content: including nudity.
  • Exploitation of minors: sexualization, nudity, inappropriate behavior.
  • Deception of followers: for example, explaining how to increase views when it comes to false or misleading information.
  • Attack on the platform: Attempting to steal information from users or from the TikTok website is also considered a prohibited act.
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As you see, TikTok has a good list of activities and publications persecuted who want their community to be as clean as possible to ensure a safe and healthy environment for users. Obviously, things always escape (we must bear in mind that we are talking about a social network used by millions of people around the world who publish at a frenetic pace), but the firm ensures that it continues to work every day to ensure that in case If something inappropriate is posted, catch it as soon as possible so it doesn’t reach too many people.

In addition, it is also convenient to be up to date with the changes that are made in the TikTok regulations. And it is that, sometimes, we do things that are legal, but when the bases are updated, the social network can expel us. To give an example, TikTok is full of accounts that are dedicated to making Deepfakes, that is, users who use artificial intelligence filters to impersonate celebrities (Walter White, Keanu Reaves…). Well, with the current TikTok regulations, you can upload that type of content. However, knowing that the global trend is to persecute this type of practice, it would not be strange if TikTok’s rules ended up being updated and those users ended up expelled from the social network. On Instagram it has already happened.

My TikTok account has been suspended, what now?

The music video platform has, as we already told you, a long list of rules that must be met in order to maintain a healthy and respectful environment within the social network. Today it is very easy to commit many kinds of offenses through the screen of our phone and thanks to the “anonymity” and that false protection and feeling of power that we feel when posting through a profile on an online platform. To control it, each service establishes rules that, as far as possible, they try to apply so that in any “out-of-the-norm” scenario, action is taken quickly and protected by written “laws”.

El problem it’s that we don’t always read them – in fact, we practically never do. This can sometimes cause a foul to be committed without being aware of it, although, as the phrase says ignorant juris non excuse, that is, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” for its compliance. There can also be a somewhat rarer case, such as that your account has been suspended and you are completely sure that you have not done anything wrong. Sometimes this occurs temporarily due to the action of the antispam system of TikTok, which automatically disables profiles that, for example, contain the logo of the social network, use the expression “free” or similar in their profile or publish a large number of and comments in a short period of time.

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If you believe that the platform has suspended your account unfairly or by mistake, you should know that there is a way to fend, requesting its recovery by email. And that is just what we are going to teach you to do today.

What happens if my account has been hacked?

As usual in most social networks, accounts that have a large number of followers they are very attractive to hackers. If you have a successful profile, you should take all the security measures possible to prevent your account from being stolen. One of the most basic is to link your account with your phone number and activate two-step verification.

If your account is stolen, it is possible that it ends up being blocked for security reasons. After all, hackers usually do not make a very legitimate use of the profiles they steal, as they use it to carry out scams, lead users to fraud or promote other profiles that also carry out bad practices. If you suspect that someone may be using your TikTok account without permission, that is, if you receive a password change or username change notice, the first thing you have to do is link your mobile phone if you haven’t already done so. already. You can see if someone has accessed your account in Profile > Menu > Profile > Security > My devices. If your account is completely lost—or even deleted—the best thing you can do is send a email to TikTok moderators as we teach you in the following section explaining what has happened to you. Do not hesitate to provide all the information you know about your case and try to write with order and education to convince them that you have been the victim of a hack.

How to recover a TikTok account

If after reviewing all the community guidelines, you are still convinced that your account has been unfairly suspended on TikTok and that therefore you have not done anything wrong to make this happen, there is a procedure by which the user can directly contact the service to present your case and try to recover it.

Contact the TikTok human team

At this point, the usual thing is to want to talk to a human person who can connect the loose ends and who has enough power to lift our punishment. If you are completely sure that you are innocent and that you have a chance to recover your account, you will simply have to write an email to antispam(at)tiktok.com and comment on your case, writing down the following information:

  • Tu Username on TikTok.
  • Explain what happened: when your account was suspended, why you think it was an error and any other relevant information about your profile that you think is necessary to justify your defense and show that everything is in order and you have not incurred in any fault.
  • It doesn’t hurt to also mention that you have never broken any rule (as long as it has been like that, of course) and that you have a “clean” record. Not having a “background” always helps in defending an innocent (wink, wink).
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Check your email well in search of any type of error. Uses a Calm tone and describe the situation to the best of your ability. Think that the person who is going to read your message does not know you, so you must use language that is relaxed enough to show that you have been a victim, and not the other way around.

What you should never do if you really want to recover your account

In the next section we will tell you about an extra step that you can take in case this way of contacting the TikTok team does not bear fruit. However, before you continue, you should know that you should never ask someone outside of TikTok for help. The internet is full of people who know that you would do anything to get your account back. And that’s where these people take advantage and prey on their victims.

If you find someone online who says they can recover your TikTok account and you’re thinking of hiring their services, you better not. Not only will you not get your account back, but you will also almost certainly lose your money. The same is true if someone sells you or provides you for free a miraculous program for your computer or mobile phone that can recover your TikTok account. Most likely it is a virus or some other type of malware, so the remedy will end up being much worse than the disease. Contact only the official TikTok team and do not trust anyone who promises you anything outside of the platform.

Other alternatives to contact TikTok moderators

If there has been no response to the previous email, try these two that we leave you right here below:

You can also try your luck with the following addresses:

  • feedback(at)tiktok.com
  • privacy(at)tiktok.com

There is another procedure, which does not need an email, and which is the form Share your opinion within the TikTok website itself, where you can quickly direct a request with which to start the entire recovery process.

The good thing about this procedure is that it is a human team (no automatic systems) the one in charge of reviewing these emails with the cases, checking the requests and their related information and proceeding to the immediate manual unlocking in case of verifying that the data is correct and the suspension should not have been carried out. This means that if you’re right, you shouldn’t have much of a problem recovering your account in a relatively short time and still enjoying the social network.

However, if you think that you have violated any of the rules that we mentioned before (even if, in your opinion, it is not that bad) we can tell you in advance that you do not waste time trying to recover the account. For example, social networks are very much on top of hate speech or harassment through their platforms. Therefore, keep all this in mind if you plan to create a new account, because TikTok takes its rules quite seriously.