June 7, 2023

TikTok has introduced new tools that will help in managing comments, spam and also to combat other problems derived from social networks when it begins to have a certain notoriety or some content goes viral overnight: harassment or bullying. This is how the new options work that you should know if you create content on the platform.

New moderation options in TikTok

You may like the content published on TikTok more or less, although as on many other platforms everything will depend on who you follow, but it is clear that what cannot be denied to the company is that they try to offer the most complete tools at all times to that its users can enjoy the platform.

And we are not only referring to new creative tools, which are always good and are the ones that allow us to do things as striking as placing a video behind a person using the classic green or chroma background, but also to all those options that give greater control of what happens inside


The new options introduced by TikTok on its platform are not really new, but they are applied in a different way to allow the bulk management. Something that helps to save a lot of time and facilitate a task that many users have to do on a recurring basis if they want to take care of the community they create around their profile. So let’s see how each of them works.

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How to manage comments on TikTok in bulk


Now when you go to manage comments in bulk you will be able to take advantage of a new way of selecting them massively. To do this, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to any of the posts made
  2. In the comments section, tap on the comment you want to manage and hold it down for a while
  3. You will see how a circle appears next to it and the rest of the comments that you can mark
  4. Mark all the comments on which you want to carry out the deletion action as you would do in other similar applications (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)
  5. The maximum number of comments that you can select is 100, a correct number for most cases. Although there will be situations in which that number increases, but in a couple of steps you will surely be able to manage them quickly as well
  6. Once you have all the comments marked, click delete and that’s it. You will have saved time by not having to select one by one and click on the delete option for the same number of times
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As you can see, it is very easy to access this comment management option in a massive way. Also, don’t forget that while long-pressing on a comment is the most interesting way to access the editing options, you can also tap on the pencil icon to activate these circles that allow you to select them.

How to block profiles on TikTok in bulk

In the same way as with the comments, now you will also be able to apply massive blocks. An action that, in order to solve harassment and bullying problems on TikTok, represents a significant improvement. Also to be able to manage communities that want to stay healthy, although that is more complicated nowadays because there are those who only look for the large number in the follower counter.




To withdraw from your block users in bulk only the procedure is exactly the same as with comments:

  1. Access TikTok and then go to the comments section
  2. Tap on the pencil icon or long press on a user comment
  3. Now you can select that or any other up to a maximum of one hundred
  4. Once they are all, select the option to block and that’s it

It’s also quick and easy to block all those accounts that may have left offensive comments on your posts so they don’t bother you again.

Tools that complete parental control and digital wellbeing

These two TikTok novelties arrive in a certain way to complete and improve the options that the social network has regarding parental control and digital well-being. Two functions that are highly recommended to know how they work if you are a parent or guardian of a minor with TikTok. Although here the debate always arises about whether or not they should have a profile on the network.

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However, if they do, it is important to know how you can help them protect their account and their own experience by preventing them from suffering harassing, offensive or any other type of comments that are inappropriate for them. Like being able to limit certain uses so that the use of this platform is what it should be: something fun. And for that, security and any option that allows better management of what is published, interactions, etc. must be guaranteed.