June 6, 2023

TikTok has been a real discovery for many content creators looking for a place to showcase their work. A social network that millions of people see every day in order to entertain themselves with videos that catch their attention. Today we show you the TikTokers who try to push the limit of the impossible, we talk about The best VFX creators on TikTok.


Photographers, videographers or VFX artists have come to this social network to publicize their creations to the mass public.

Don’t know what VFX are? We’re sure you know what they are, but you may not know them by that name. VFX is the abbreviation for the visual effects. These types of effects are made in movies, series and practically any visual content you can imagine. Even today they have reached social networks.


Duncan Evans (@curlykidlife)

The first visual effects artist you should meet is called Duncan Evans. Create VFX of everyday things taken to the extreme such as: a giant who controls his departure from home in quarantine, dressing quickly or how to train to have good neck abs. This user is almost followed 700.000 followers.


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Zach King (@zachking)

zach on tiktok

If you already knew what visual effects are, Zach King no introduction needed. She has been making very striking videos for many years that have gone viral on many occasions on social networks. Being one of the users with the most followers in all of TikTok, they are already 44 million users who follow your videos.

EDITSON (@ed.it.son)

Editson He is one of those creators who loves to share his knowledge. In his profile we can see from incredible effects to, a few days later, videos that explain how these VFX have been made. It is not a well-known profile, since it has 48.000 users what do their mail.

Matdeuh (@matdeuh)


Another visual effects artist is Matdeuh. This young Frenchman makes very striking videos in which he breaks the odd law of physics by including himself in newspapers, erasing parts of his body with a cloth or making his pets move like people. Mat is already followed by more than one million people who hallucinate with their creations.

David Angarita (@davidang9910)

David Angarita is another effects creator who is using TikTok to get noticed and show others how to make creations like his. Among the videos of him we can see him falling towards infinity from his bathroom, coming out of a screen or breaking the law of gravity. David is followed only 5.000 followers but we are sure that many more will arrive soon.

Caleb Natale (@calebnatale)

We continue now as Caleb Natale, a TikToker that will show us how to create authentic visual wonders. Caleb takes VFX art to another level on social media as he includes 3D models of himself to make some of these creations. Of course, if you want to learn from him, you should start following his account as the million users They already see all your posts.

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These are some of The best visual effects creators you can find on TikTok. If you know someone else, we’d love for you to leave us a comment with the name of that TikToker that you think we should all know.