June 9, 2023

We continue with our tutorials aimed at becoming a TikTok expert and the next thing we are going to teach you to do is to use the song whatever you want in your videos, even if it’s one you heard on the someone else’s post. Because yes, any track you hear watching tiktoks is likely to be the soundtrack of your next great creation in the social network.

TikTok and its infinite possibilities

Something must be recognized in TikTok above all else: the wide range of options and functions it offers. The social network has managed to weave a platform full of possibilities, not only at the level of configuration of our personal profile (the parameters to be modified at will are very varied, as you will be seeing in our specials on the application) but also in terms of the variety of content that can be created: from duets to reactions , going through videos of several different durations and effects and through the famous dubbing with Lip Sync.

How to use someone else’s songs

If you spend the day watching tiktok and many times you would like to use the songs that are played on them, so you know that it is something very simple to do and that there is no great mystery. Even so, it is an option that not all users know about (especially those who recently arrived on the platform), so it is worth remembering here the steps to follow:

  1. When you’re looking at the TikTok someone and you like the music, look at the column of icons on the right of the screen.
  2. The one in the lower right corner shows a thumbnail image of the music track. Tap on it.
  3. You’ll see a listing for the song and a good number of posts that have used it as well.
  4. At the bottom there is a red button «use this sound«. play it
  5. It will take you directly to the recording template, with the song directly loaded for your use.
  6. Proceed as usual to capture what you want and publish.
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In case you want to use a song but not at that precise moment, you can also save it to Favorites:

  1. In the file of the song that interests you, you will see a white button that says “Add to Favorites” (just under the information of the music track). touch it.
  2. The song will be added to your Favorites list to use at a later time.
  3. When you go to record a tiktok, Click on the + symbol from the main screen and once inside, all in Sounds (top of screen).
  4. You will see two tabs: Trending and Favorites. Play on this second.
  5. You will see the songs you have saved. Touch the one that interests you and add it.


You are ready to continue publishing and creating tiktoks.